What can it do for me?

Tasktrak is operated from your own PC with all data stored locally to you.
You do not need the internet to use this software (other than for updates).

Once you have installed tasktrak, simply login, and then use the software for tasks such as entering customers information, new projects, build quotations, send invoices generated from earlier quotations, reviewing how much you are owed, reviewing how much work is priced or currently in progress and printing off reports.

On logging in, system will initially notify you of:

  • Outstanding invoices that need to be chased
  • Invoices that need to be raised for works that have been completed
    and not yet invoiced - watching your cashflow
  • Indicate customers that have made an enquiry with you but haven't
    as yet been sent a quotation for the work.
  • Works due for completion on that day
    (via the online diary)

The diary is automatically generated from entered project information.
This will not only provide you with a day by day diary of works but will also prompt you to order any materials required for upcoming projects within the next week.

Materials lists are formed automatically by the template system as you build your quotations.

Materials lists can be sent off to wholesalers directly from tasktrak by e-mail, by utilising the pre-constructed materials lists generated by your quotations.

In putting your materials will lead to your VAT returns being ready for submission at the touch of a button. This information can be printed out in EXCEL format or simply printed as requred.

Need to stage draw your project from the customer? No problem, simply choose what percentage of the items you are invoicing you need to be included in this draw!







CIS registered? Simply select that the project is subject to CIS deductions and tasktrak will work out the voucher payment for you (and prints the two values on your invoices).

Store estimates provided by suppliers together with your project electronically. Tasktrak utilises a project vault to upload documents into the system for safe keeping and easy access.
Simply select your chosen project to review all files you have uploaded to that project.

No more digging through files trying to find the quotes your wholesaler sent you!

Need to remotely access the system? No problem!
Tasktrak is internet ready. All you need to do to allow access outside your home is to have the PC that tasktrak is installed on left running and have your routers firewall configured to allow access to tasktrak from the internet.

Do you worry about loosing your information? Tasktrak is configured to backup your data to an area of your choice at intervals you choose, you can also backup or restore tasktrak at your own convenience if you require.
If you make an error its childs play to reset tasktrak back to the last backup time.

In addition, each time you use tasktrak, the system generates a PDF backup of all live project information (non archived works) and your entire customer directory, so if you wish, you can simply move these files onto your phone or tablet and have the latest data with you at all times (even without internet access)!

Tasktrak tracks the generation of invoices to raise, quotes to complete and payments that need chasing automatically.

Documents are generated in PDF Format and can either be saved locally on your computer, printed, or emailed directly from tasktrak to your customers.

We are sure, once you have used tasktrak you will never look back!