The Claydon Website has been designed to assist you in the construction of D-I-Y projects. 

Every endeavor has been made to ensure the information included on this site is up-to-date, but any advice taken from this site is taken at your own risk. 

No liability shall be accepted for loss or damage to property, tools or materials.

No liability shall be accepted for injury incurred (however caused) - All projects including working on electrical apparatus are done at your own risk.

Health and Safety regulations stipulate the correct P.P.E (Protective Personal Equipment) is worn during the relevant works.

Hard Hats, Protective Boots, Gloves, overalls and Goggles should be purchased (as a minimum) to cover yourself against minor injuries during construction works. 

All work on electrical apparatus must only be carried out once the supply has been switched off - and tested to ensure it is isolated, (the point of isolation should have a notice attached to it with the wording 'DO NOT SWITCH ON'. The electrical wiring regulations stipulate that all supplies isolated must be locked off.

Care should be taken when using power tools, remember a drill can easily make holes in wood - it will make light work of damaging your finger! Always use guards supplied with power tools, and only use them for there intended purpose. If you are hiring a tool, the tool hire company will now issue you the relevant PPE for the machine you are to hire.

Software supplied by the Claydon internet site is used at your own risk. We only approve sites that have low risk of providing software with viruses, but it is the responsibility of the software installer to check the software is virus free. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to your software, files or property. Cracks, patches, and key generators will enable trial software to be used as full version software. This is provided for evaluation purposes only. Please support your software provider by purchasing the full version of the software once you are happy that the product for-fills your requirements. Warning: Converting trial software to full version software may be illegal in curtain countries. You are free to read and utilize this information, but use it at your own risk.