HTML code and Java scripts

This page contains HTML code to assist you in achieving that 'professional' look to your site.

This code needs to be cut and pasted into the HTML code on your Web page (most of these files are in word pad ready to be cut, but some are 'Web pages'. Simply view the page in HTML to reveal the code.

It is important to note that HTML has 'head' and 'body' codes.

Ensure when you copy and paste the codes provided, you paste the correct codes into the correct partition!  (head into head etc.)
Always save your work before adding these codes, then if you make a mistake, you can easily repair it!!
Link colour Search engine

search file

auto refresh calendar Christmas countdown
countdown dropdown menu fading page flashing text google search engine
hot news scroller animated image scroller ask for name before entery Print button musical links
News script simple clock page link (internal) sliding pages sound on site
  effective password simple box scroller status bar scroller