Web Creation / Data Recovery Service

Our Web creation service offers you the opportunity to create your own website cost effectively and without delay.  We can talk through the ideas for your site, discuss your specifications, and help provide ideas to make your site effective. 

Your site can look just the way you want, and can include a variety of special effects including Java and Flash! Our services also include the setup of your domain name, and storage space for your site. If you have free space available with your internet account, we can setup a 'web forwarding' service, so you have a nice URL pointing to your free web space!

To get more details, apply your ideas or for a quotation - mail us here

Data Recovery Service

Lost or erased all or part of your computer data / files ?

Stuck, and thought there is no hope of getting it back ?

Contact us TODAY !  WE CAN HELP!

We can recover 99.9% of data lost through accidental deletion. (including formatting a drive)

The data can have been deleted months ago - there is still a good chance of recovery