Selection of Software and updates for free

1. Convert MP3's to Wav files (for copying to CD)   FULL version 1.7Mb
2. FTPX file uploading tool, for all you people wanting to start your own website   FULL & TRIAL 0.7Mb
3. Webferret - find allsorts on the web with this multi search engine tool FULL version 0.6Mb
4. Build your own web page with Coffee cup software - for FREE Loads of cool effects tools now available!! FULL version Online
5. Upgrade your internet browser to Internet Explorer 6.0 FULL  version Online
6. VNC - Control a PC remotely with this natty utility. Its small but extremely power full (controls keyboard and mouse remotely) FULL version 1Mb
7. Zip and Unzip files with WINRAR - a more comprehensive version of zipping than WINZIP   * plus *  Patch for WINRAR FULL version 7Mb
8. Clone CD 3.1.1 - for all you CD burner owners - this software is a MUST!! Clones CDs exactly as created into an image for backup FULL version 2.1 Mb
9. De-image tool - converts CD images created in clone CD into a virtual CD on your PC   FULL version 0.2Mb
10. Clean unwanted hidden files from your PC with this utility (Windows Washer)   FULL version 1.2Mb
11. Download Accelerator - a great utility to speed up your downloads and enable recovery from interrupted downloads   FULL version 1.2Mb
12. DVD copier - Creates images of DVDs onto your HD for backups

FULL version Online


Talk any - a funny voice synth - it will have you in stitches for hours!!  

FULL version 0.4Mb

Note: A 1Mb download will take approximately 4 minutes with a standard dialup modem connection 

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Note: Some downloads require a patch to be applied. These may be supplied with the downloads. If you are unfamiliar with the installation of the patches, please click here for instructions.